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    Our family offers great game ideas to share with your friends, family, and workmates. These are group games that bring laughter, energy, and lifetime bonding.


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  • Sample Games

    These are just 4 of our 150+ games contained in the book!

    Sock Wrestling

    Category: Teenagers/Young Adults

    Each participant wears a sock on each foot, ideally the same type of sock (crew, tube, no-show) that everyone else wears. You can play with many people, though the fewer you have the more strategic the game. You are out when both of your socks are completely off of your feet.

    Omnikin Volleyball

    Category: Big Group

    Omnikin is a Canadian company that manufactures larger-than-life balls for use in physical education classes. The balls range from one foot in diameter to four feet, and are made of a rubber bladder encased within a tough nylon out layer. You can play endless games with these things, our favorite being volleyball.

    Who Am I?

    Category: Dinner

    This is a great group game that keeps everyone involved and can be used as an icebreaker. To play, write the names of famous people on small pieces of paper. Place the names in a bowl and have each person pick a name without looking at the name. Each person should hold/tape the name on their forehead (or back) so others can see it, but they cannot. Players roam around collecting clues from other players to figure out who their person is.

    Cheese Heads

    Category: Kids 6-12

    The Cheese Head game is one of the funniest games imaginable. Take a group of people and offer them a thin slice of cheese (Kraft Singles work well) to place on their forehead. Upon "go", each participant tries to wiggle their head, tilt their neck, and contort their face to get the cheese to move towards their mouth. The first person to eat their cheese wins.

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  • About the Family

    The Breier family boasts decades of gaming experience and have chosen to package these time-tested, group approved games into a book for your enjoyment. 

  • Mark

    Favorite Game: Pool Basketball

    Mark is a Silicon Valley venture capitalist. He organizes games at work to improve bonding and teamwork, and hosts many home parties with lively games for kids, teens, and adults. He is the author of the best--seller, 10 Second Internet Manager, and more recently, The Backyard Activist: 21 Tips to Mobilize Your Community, Your Town, and Your World.


    Favorite Game: Roller Tag

    Corey graduated from the University of California, San Diego where he became involved with numerous student organizations, bringing board games to college parties, and generally trying to inject playfulness into anything he's associated with. This is a mentality he has carried into his post-grad life.

    Twitter: @itsCoreyB

    Website: coreybreier.com


    Favorite Game: Sock Wrestling

    Travis graduated from the University of Oregon where he was involved with many club and leadership organizations, using games along the way to facilitate interaction in a variety of college settings. He continues to believe that games are a great way to meet new people and develop friendships at any stage of life.

    Twitter: @TravisBreier

    Website: travisbreier.com


    Favorite Game: Salad Bowl

    Ronda is the mother of three sons, school volunteer and often hosts kids, teens, and adults in an active household. In recent years, she celebrated her birthday with a flash-mob dance at a local mall.


    Favorite Game: Bang!

    Riley is a musician and plays lots of games with his friends, often pinning teams of dads and kids in games like fugitive, el presidente, and munchkin.

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